от 92 000 руб. до вычета налогов

British American Tobacco Russia 


Страна размещения вакансии — Россия.

В резюме не указано, что вы готовы туда переехать.

Требуемый опыт работы:
не требуется

Стажировка, полный день

What is Global Graduate Program in BAT?

  • 18 months of fast track your career within our global organisation for future managers;
  • Training programs to develop your leadership potential and professional skills;
  • Familiarity and immersion in the work of key departments of the company (in accordance with the chosen direction);
  • Support of personal coach from company management and line managers;
  • «BAT Academy» in Great Britain with other participants of the Program from other countries;
  • Involving in different business-projects;
  • Position of the Manager at the end of the program (the presence of the team depends on the structure in a particular Department).

Over 18 months, you'll learn trade marketing fundamentals from a field-based commercial role, experience roles covering brand positioning, brand authorship, consumer dialogue, account classification, strategy planning and market tracking. This will prepare you for one of the following areas:

Brand Marketing – See how brand positioning and authorship fit into the wider creative process as you help develop our campaigns. You'll get to work closely with our agencies. From brief through campaign execution to follow-up brand activities.

Trade Marketing & Distribution – Learn how to work with retail and wholesale customers. Market to shoppers. And optimise our routes to market.

Strategy Planning & Insights – Understand the research tools and insights behind our decisions. Learn about the competitor analysis that informs our market knowledge. And discover the planning processes that keep our brand activities on track.

Next Generation Products – Learn how we’re developing products with potentially reduced risks to address the public health impact of smoking. Work with scientists and regulators to promote this next generation of products. Advocate a regulatory approach that puts consumer safety and product quality first. And encourage the growth of new, potentially reduced-risk products

We offer:

  • Full time work (40h per week);
  • Competitive salary + review (twice in a year);
  • Social insurance (medical insurance, health insurance, pension plan);
  • Compensation benefits for relocation.

Essential requirements:

  • Driving licence (category B) – must;
  • University degree (3 years max after graduation);
  • Both Russian and English – fluent;
  • Driven and ambitious, inspiring and engaging individual;
  • Ready for relocation.

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Вакансия опубликована 21 мая 2020 в Санкт-Петербурге

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