Our company is acting as an intermediately in the job search for a US based corporation. Name is not disclosed due to privacy reasons.

– An online retailer with double digit yearly growth numbers (current at $12 million / year revenue, with a projected goal of $100 million within 5 years)

– 70 + staff members and roughly 20 outside contractors on the team

– In the process of 10 x growth output, with new facilities in US

– Adding development team to handle various aspects of the business.


The Technical Writer is a skilled and experienced writer with strong communication skills; The Technical Writer will be responsible for working on technical documentation / writing based off or directly with academic / scholar papers on various unconnected topics.

=== Responsibilities

  • Performs technical writing and editing assignments, working directly with academic papers. Target word counts will exceed 10,000 words per article.
  • The technical writer will combine over 50 sources and rewrite a number of academic papers in accordance with specification.
  • Collect and interpret technical data / information and write a concise document. Integrate source data and write clear and structured technical text
  • Incorporate graphics, schematics, figures, and other visual objects into documents using various media formats.
  • Edit documents to ensure grammatical correctness and conduct research to ensure the use of proper technical terminology;
  • Work hand in hand with a web research team, preferably assisting in conducting research in an engineering or science related disciplines.


All work is in English exclusively. Fluent English is a requirement.

Please provide a resume in English

=== Requirements

  • All work is in English exclusively. Fluent English is a requirement.
  • Skill in researching, organizing, and presenting technical information.
  • Comfortable in a fast-paced environment with minimal direction and able to adjust workload based upon changing priorities.
  • === Qualifications / Experience ===
  • Bachelor’s degree (B.A.) from four-year College or university in English, Communications, Engineering, or an equivalent combination of formal education and job-related experience.
  • Minimum 5 years of related experience in technical writing, editing, or proposal-related experience.
  • Experience working in a science-related faculty is an asset, but not a requirement. (Engineering, Science, Medicine, etc.)


  • 100% Remote work, work on your own schedule (several hours overlap with EST timezone is required)

  • Paid 10 days vacation + national holidays (limited to 5 calendar days per year)
  • Salary in USD

  • Work remote location does not matter

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