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Please apply to join our team to develop unique and honest trading platform, built on top of Bitcoin protocol. The first truly distributed and brokerless exchange, where with Bitcoin you can trade anу world markets. 
Check Truedex.org with over 4k trades executed in the 1st month after launch of invite-only beta version.

You will join a highly technical and entrepreneurial team and participate in the full development cycle, end-to-end, from design, implementation, and testing to documentation, delivery and maintenance. 


– .Net Core 2.2: Entity Framework, PosgreSQL, 

– VueJs and/or React

– GitFlow, CI/CD, Jira

– Tests on XUnit


– NBitcoin

– Distributed systems

– High load systems

– C++, Java

Дополнительные инструкции

70% of your focus will be development of open-source 2nd layer Bitcoin Trading Protocol. 30% will be dedicated to maintenance of existing operations, as public beta app is already actively used with over 4k trades executed in the 1st month after launch.

Please note that you will be employed by English non-commercial entity and in April-May our remote team will be relocated to villa-office on Bali.

Please make sure to provide examples of your code.

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